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A visit to Sapa in the rice harvest

Sapa in the golden season
You are wondering: “What is the best time to visit this Northwest mountainous region?”, then I will tell you that this time of the year, from September to October, which marks the expected official beginning of the rice harvest, is actually what you are looking for. It is also the time when the charming landscape of Mu Cang Chai in Yen Bai province is at its best. Travel Vietnam and Indochina
The all-year-round beauty of Sapa

Sapa is beautiful all year round

Sapa is beautiful all year round- source: internet

Sapa shines bright at any time of the year. In winter, snows fall and whiten the mountains. During spring time, it is warm with sunshine, rice is planted and plum flowers bloom. In summer, berries are ripe and these terrace fields look lushly green. In fall, the grain matures and the valleys are covered with sunshine and golden color. north vietnam tours

Why should you visit Sapa in the golden season?

Though fall may not be the most popular time to visit Sapa, coming to Sapa this season, you will definitely be treated to the most magnificent scenery when the green terraced fields turn into golden right before the rice is harvested. The strangely quiet peaceful atmosphere of Sapa in the ripe rice season is great for ecotourism journey.

Sapa in the golden season

Sapa in the golden season- source: internet

The local farmers in Sapa grow only one crop per year. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the beauty of Sapa’s terraced fields in the harvest season, the period between the middle of September and the end of October is the only choice. Though this harvest season varies depending on the weather, it often starts by around September or the end of October at the latest.

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