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Let’s explore Sapa by your way

Sapa market

What to do in Sapa in October? The dreaming and picturesque beauty of Sapa is at its fullest in the cool weather of October. Everywhere you go, you can capture the spectacular views. Visit Sapa in October with: Indochina holidays Vietnam Go trekking Of all the places you go in Vietnam, Sapa is likely to

The attraction of Nam Du in 4 seasons

Nam Du in Spring

Located in the southwest of the S-shaped land, Nam Du is a small archipelago with 21 large and small islands in An Son and Nam Du commune ,Kien Hai distric in Kien Giang province and far from  the coast of Rach Gia abiut 65 nautical. From a long time, Nam Du beach is known as

Eo Gio- a new, wild and attractive destination in Vietnam

Magnificent beauty of Eo Gio seen from above

Traveling is considered as one of the best ways for you to refresh yourselves after being under pleasure due to your work and daily life. Through traveling, you will have relaxing time to see and contemplate many beautiful landscapes which can help your soul be more comfortable. Therefore, whenever you feel so stressful, don’t hesitate

Vietnam is top list of safe countries to visit and enjoy

A Peaceful Scene around Ho Guom Lake in a Fall Morning

Vietnam is always well known as a wonderful destination for travelers with its beautiful beaches, delicious foods, charming scenery and hospitality. In addition, Vietnam is of top list of safe countries to visit and enjoy, and this truth is admitted by most of experienced travelers around the world. When traveling here, you will never mind

10 reasons why visiting Vietnam is popular part 2

Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam

Combination between ancient and modern beauty: One interesting reason attracting visitors to Vietnam is the combination between ancient and modern beauty. Traveling to Vietnam, you may not be surprised with hustle and bustle living in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. However, you certainly cannot ignore the ancient palaces, the historical-cultural relics, the ancient bungalows in

Expenses for a Motorbike Road Trip in Vietnam

Spend a few dollars for extra costs per day

If you want to discover the beauty of Vietnam in your own way, Vietnam on a motorbike should be the best way to enjoy your freedom. But how much will you spend on a motorbike road trip? Private Vietnam tour packages MOTORBIKE RENTAL: $10 per day Your motorbike will be one of the biggest expenses.

Ideal place for summer retreat

4 seasons in a day in Sapa

Not only being time for sunshine, summer is also usually time for activities on the beaches including: water related sports activities, sunbathing and swimming. However, some travelers, unlike the majority of people, would rather to go to the mountain region. While in summer, most of the Northern provinces are deep in high temperature, Sapa, with

The importance of the shoulder pole in Vietnamese culture

The importance of the shoulder pole in Vietnamese culture

Bamboo shoulder poles are a popular agricultural tool used in the daily lives of the Vietnamese people. It is also an image etched in the memories of many people and a symbol of cultural identity which is iconic among foreigners. In the subconscious mind of the Vietnamese people, the image of the bamboo shoulder pole