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What kinds of seafood to try in Halong


Similar to other coastal cities, Halong has fresh and best quality seafood, which the local chefs use to make their mouthwatering and nutritious dishes. To get more information, you can click: Indochina travel Vietnam Squid pies (Chả mực) Among uncountable seafood dishes available in Halong, Cha Muc – these squid sausage looking like round biscuits

Halong Bay’s Weather in September

September is a good time to visit Halong Bay

With a half/half month when the weather is not hot anymore but not yet cold, September is thought to be the transitional month from the summer blazing heat to the much more pleasant autumn and so, one of the best times to visit Halong Bay. The mean temperature drops to approximately 28oC with night temperature

The four most popular vehicles to get to Danang

The 6 most beautiful beaches in Vietnam

Having an advantage in geography, Danang is well served by lots of transportation. To get to Danang, you can choose some of following proper vehicles for yourself such as plane, bus, motorbike or train. Each way of getting to Danang can bring you wonderful experience and enjoyment. You can read more: Paloma cruise halong bayGetting to