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Majestic Islands In Quang Ninh

The lush green forest on Quan Lan island
Quan Lan IslandQuan Lan Island is located in Bai Tu Long Bay Van Don District is a highlight of the romantic island with long white sand dunes, lush green forest, beaches not affected by people. Halong bay Paradise cruise

Go to Quan Lan peacefully with nature with stretches of sand with gentle slope. The most interesting is the fine white sand, which is exploited as a raw material for glass production. Due to being away from the mainland and encircled in Bai Tu Long Bay, Quan Lan Beach is considered to be the most green tourist in the North.

The lush green forest on Quan Lan island

The lush green forest on Quan Lan island- source: internet

Banh Sua Island is less than 1 kilometer, the largest of which is about 420 meters and it looks like a small turtle in the middle of the vast sea. It do not own the long sandy beaches, white with blue water, no star hotels and the more noisy atmosphere of the tourist but the beauty of the island Banh Sua will make travelers love infatuated. and drowned in the quiet, peaceful space to surprise with the room, pretty simple.

Wander the island, you will always find interesting things around the oasis amidst this vast ocean. Somewhere on this lovely island, you will be relaxed amidst peaceful, peaceful surroundings, enjoy the clear blue water, swim around the island and dive into the colorful coral reefs. indochina travel

The majestic Dragon Eye Island from fly cam

The majestic Dragon Eye Island from fly cam- source: internet

Check In 5 Majestic Islands In Quang Ninh is perfect suggestion for your trip this summer in Vietnam. These islands are not to be missed for natural lovers and explorers with fanscinating experiences.

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