Let’s explore Sapa by your way | Halong Bay Vietnam

Let’s explore Sapa by your way

Sapa market

What to do in Sapa in October?

The dreaming and picturesque beauty of Sapa is at its fullest in the cool weather of October. Everywhere you go, you can capture the spectacular views. Visit Sapa in October with: Indochina holidays Vietnam

Go trekking

Go trekking in Sapa

Go trekking in Sapa- source: internet

Of all the places you go in Vietnam, Sapa is likely to provide you with the most stunning trekking experiences in such a short time. What to expect at trekking experience in Sapa, which is home to eight different ethnic minorities in Vietnam? It is a chance to meet, talk with the tribal women selling embroidered stuff, get all of these magnificent views of the Hoang Lien Mountains for yourself. The more you go, the more amazing things you will experience.

Cat Cat Village

Cat Cat Village

Cat Cat Village- source: internet

An age-old village of Hmong ethnic group formed in 19th century, Cat Cat cultural village, which is located at the bottom of the Muong Hoa Valley and near the stunning Cat Cat Waterfall, is where to go for 100m high Silver waterfall on the stream and the old French-built Hydro Electric Power Station; photos of the splendidly jaw-dropping view of the hills and the terraced rice and corn fields; to talk with the villagers and learn their languages. Cat Cat Village is also one of the must-stops on a trekking tour. Vietnam travel packages

Van Ban Xa Pho Hot Rice and Banana Tree Flowers Festival

Sapa market

Sapa market- source: internet

The best way to know more about the local culture? There is no better choice than a festival. In October, you can expect the Van Ban Xa Pho Hot Rice and Banana Tree Flowers Festival, when you can take photos of the vivid outfits of ethnic people flocking to these streets. This popular event is an opportunity to not only capture these beautifully exciting moments to share with your family when you come back home but also mingle with local people to get closer to them. Besides festival time, local markets are also great places to go for local lifestyle.

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