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What kinds of seafood to try in Halong


Similar to other coastal cities, Halong has fresh and best quality seafood, which the local chefs use to make their mouthwatering and nutritious dishes. To get more information, you can click: Indochina travel Vietnam

Squid pies (Chả mực)

Squid pies

Squid pies- source: internet

Among uncountable seafood dishes available in Halong, Cha Muc – these squid sausage looking like round biscuits are undeniably the most popular one. Though it is not hard to find squids to make chả mực in other coastal towns in Vietnam, no kinds of squids can beat Halong’s squid when it comes to the natural sweetness and chewiness.

The fresh ingredients newly caught squids, fish sauce, lard and black peppercorns and the meticulousness with all the cooking process done by hand are the key to make the most flavorsome chả mực. After pounding these freshest squids into paste, the cook will divide it into fragrant squid pieces, shape it into thick morsels and finally, fry until they all turn into yellow color.

Squid pie with rolled cakes

Squid pie with rolled cakes- source: internet

These crispy and chewy coming with pure peppered fish sauce is served as main course for lunch or dinner meals or even as a light meal. Besides eating squid pies as what it is, Halong’s residents also combine it with steamed rolled rice pancake (bánh cuốn), noodles or sticky rice to create attractive feast to not only Vietnamese diners but also foreign food lovers. The stunning taste of squid sausage is also a reason to come back to Halong. Visit Halong with: Indochina Sails cruise halong



Lobster- source: internet

Lobster is one of the most valuable, delicious and nutritious kinds of seafood available in Halong. Among many processing methods to create stunning dishes such as: steamed lobster, lobster salad, breaded fried lobsters, fried lobster with salt, etc, steaming is the most preferable and favorite one. Steaming lobster with beer or some additional ingredients such as lemongrass will get rid of the fishy smell but still preserve the full flavor of the sea. Therefore, you can enjoy the most natural sweet of these gems of Halong sea.

A plate of red steamed lobsters is then attractively topped with green onions and sliced herbs. Going great with fish sauce or soy sauce, lobster is not only tasty but also nutritious making it on top of the list of Halong Bay’s best culinary highlights.

Though there are many restaurants on land serving steamed lobsters, this awesome dish is best enjoyed on Halong Bay cruise. Let’s imagine the chewy meat of the Majesty of Halong Bay’s seafood melting in your mouth while you are brought through impressive scenery of mountains and water life! What an unparalleled dining experience on board a floating restaurant!

Mantis Shrimp (Tom Tit or Be be)

Sometimes called as sea mantes because of its weird appearance looking like shrimp, mantis shrimp is a tangy dish to try in Halong Bay.

Mantis shrimp roasted with salt

Mantis shrimp roasted with salt- source: internet

Of all processing methods to cook tom tit, mantis shrimps fried with garlic and butter, mantis shrimps roasted with tamarind, sour mantis shrimps and crab hot pot, mantis shrimps steamed with beer, mantis shrimp spring rolls, mantis shrimp noodles, mantis shrimps roasted with salt, which is the best but most complicated way to cook, will give you a chance to feel the tender and sweet flavor of this kind of seafood.

Sophisticated in not only the processing with spices such as salt, pepper, citronella, oil, etc. but also in the techniques of controlling fire, mantis shrimps roasted with salt should be what to try if you have only one chance to try this kind of seafood. Only the freshest mantis shrimps are selected so that their shells cannot be crushed when being processed and its original flavor can be preserved. It is best to enjoy the aromatic, greasy, fat, chewy and juicy mantis shrimps with some chili sauce will make the meat surface much better.

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