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Highlight of 12 colourful flower seasons in Vietnam

Harvesting lotus in West Lake
If the previous article has mentioned the flower of the youth- Hoa Phuong, the tree of the fragility- Hoa Bang Lang, the colour of brightness_Hoa Diep, this article will introduce the national flower of Vietnam, lotus. Lotus is not only the symbol of Vietnam, but also many other countries in Asia. The reason is simply that those countries have been affected significantly by the Buddhism, and lotus is the flower of Buddha. When you visit any pagodas in China, Korea or Japan; you can also see many Buddha statues sitting in lotus. Let’s explore with: Vietnam travel and tours
Lotus, the flower of good man

Lotus, the flower of good man- source: internet

Currently, Lotus can be found in many places in Vietnam. It seems that this tree can be planted in any ponds or somewhere having water, even it is in the mountainous area or delta region, from the hot weather area to places impacted by cool climate.

The reason people adore this flower is because its quality representing characteristics of a good man. Lotus is born from the mud, but it does not have stingy smell of mud, but a light sweet fragrance. Lotus stalk is long and thin, but not easy to break. According to Asian culture, people should live like this, be courage, be kind, and be beautiful. This beauty will not depend on your origin but the way you live, which is similar to the lotus whose fragrance is still so attractive whether the mud is smelly or not.

That is the religious part of this well known flower, now we are discovering its ordinary aspect. Lotus is very helpful, as every part of it can be used. People like cutting lotus flower for decoration, its seed is a popular cooking ingredient. When summer comes, mother and grandmother often go to the market to buy some lotus and lotus seed. Mum can cook many delicious foods with the seed like che sen_a kind of side dish, chicken stew with lotus seed and so on.

Harvesting lotus in West Lake

Harvesting lotus in West Lake- source: internet

Lotus leave is used to wrap other food like young sticky rice. It is like a destiny that com- young wax rice should only become its best stage when going with lotus leave. Not only that, lotus can become a good medicine raw material. Many scientists have proven that lotus can significantly reduce the sleep deprivation, especially in the fast paced life. People are under a considerable pressure from work, family and peers; so it could help a lot. see more: north vietnam travel tours

When you come to Hanoi in summer, there are many places to visit this flower. For example, if you rent a motorbike, you can easily get to the Japanese and Korean roads whose 2 sides are covered by a blanket of green, pink and white. You might ask what these colours are about. Green is lotus leaf, pink and white are the colour of the petals. Many girls wear ao dai, traditional Vietnamese clothes to take many beautiful photo albums. Many amature photographers also like coming there to practise their photographing skills.

You can also take some short cooking courses to know more about the miracle of this plant. As I have mentioned above, almost every part of this plant can be a wonderful ingredient, especially the petal. Maybe you have heard about the lotus tea. Actually it is the tea leaves which are “marinated” in lotus petals. Not any petals can be used, only the freshest, purest, and prettiest one can take part in the process of making that precious tea. In the past, only the rich and Royal could afford to have that kind of tea. Currently, the common people can have a chance to have a taste of it.

A young girl on lotus pond

A young girl on lotus pond- source: internet

In conclusion, lotus is deserved to call The Queen of June; not only because of the fact that this month is its blooming period but also due to its brightness, usefulness and beauty. You can book a tour to Hanoi or any province of Vietnam to look with your own eyes this beautiful flower. Of course, you can take a short tour to know more about traditional jobs like making lotus tea as well. I wish you and your family a great time ahead.

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