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experiences to climb fansipan in Vietnam

Fansipan discorver
Besides physical training, travelers also need to train yourselves in order to have a strong will and determination because climbing Fansipan  will make you extremely tired. If you don’t have a steel-mind, you will certainly abandon limbing this majestic mountain soon. Hence, travelers need to have good health and strong mind so that climbing Fansipan is not a big challenge to you.
Fansipan discorver

Fansipan discover- source: internet

What to bring when climbing Phan Xi Pang?

There are many things that are all neccessary for you when climbing Phan Xi Pang and you need to remember some thing neccessary things such as below:

Backpack: you should choose medium backpack that can contain from 3 to 4.5 kilograms, and the backpack need to have straps in order to fix backpack into your chest and your bell. This will help you moving easily.

Shoes: You should choose trekking shoes or a pair of sport shoes with thick and soft soles and the neck of shoes should be high to your ankles. Notice that your trekking shoes need to be good friction, road holding, waterproof and sweat adsorbent. And in particular, shoes chosen must be fit your feet to avoid hurt your feet when climbing.

Socks: Bring 3 or 4 pair of socks and all of them should be high neck socks in order that your feet will be warm and won’t be hurt due to rubbing the shoes.

Gloves: On the way to Fansipan , you even have to climb the cliff so you should protect your hands by wearing gloves.

Clothes: If conquering Fansipan in March and April, you should bring light and airy clothes, and your clothes should absorb sweat, also bring a coat in case of changing weather suddenly. If you climb Fansipan in October to December, warm clothes is neccessary, and you bring more sweaters and thick jackets. Fansipan is located North Vietnam tours

Stick to climb the mountain: With the rugged hilly terrain, it is necessary for you to bring sticks. It will be your fulcrum when you are tired.

Other necessary things: These are also really neccessarythings you should have a good preparations before departing your journey: Insect repellent, phone, changes, camera, raincoat, wide brimmed hats, multipurpose folding knives, lighters, flashlights, ropes, medicine, high-calorie snacks, even sleeping bed and tent to have good nights on mountain. Finally, you don’t forget to bring your phone with backup charger.


fansipan in North Vietnam- source: internet

These are some neccessary experiences to climb Fansipan shared from former traverlers to new ones, who are eager to take a climbing up Fansipan  soon. Hoping that  these experiences will be useful for yourself and your group to have a memorable journey.

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