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Dong Xuan market food tour

Cháo sườn sụn

Being the oldest and largest market in Hanoi capital city, Dong Xuan Market is mainly created for travelers. Visiting Dong Xuan Market, besides going shopping, you also should not miss an unforgettable food tour at Dong Xuan Alley – a food paradise. Indochina holidays and Vietnam Bún chả (Roasted pork rice noodles)Sophisticated from choosing fresh

Explore Halong Bay by your way

Take part in Tai Chi

A visit to floating villages As you might know, in September, the sky is clear making it excellent for photography opportunities in the bay. It is truly well worth taking some of your time to visit Alova cruise Halong Bay floating villages in Halong Bay to see how local people live and children go to

Some beautiful hotel in Phu Quoc to suggest you trip

Peace House- a cute homestay on Phu Quoc island

Peace House- ideal place to relax Peace House is also located at Duong Dong Burgh. Only through the name, you can imagine how it looks. Quiet vintage space here is really a wonderful place for you to relax. At the first sight, you will certainly fall in love with everything. The unique marble floor, small

How to travel Mui Ne

Using personal mean of transportation is an exciting way to get Mui Ne

Get to Mui Ne from Hanoi by train Train is also a good mean of transportation for you to move to Mui Ne from Hanoi. In particular, if you are usually carsick, it is really an ideal choice. You can buy the ticket of SE3, SE5, SE7 or TN1. Usually, there are 5 trains per

Halong Bay’s Weather in September

September is a good time to visit Halong Bay

With a half/half month when the weather is not hot anymore but not yet cold, September is thought to be the transitional month from the summer blazing heat to the much more pleasant autumn and so, one of the best times to visit Halong Bay. The mean temperature drops to approximately 28oC with night temperature

Let’s explore Tuan Chau island in Halong Bay

Cha Muc Ha Long

The best time to visit Tuan Chau Island? From the end of April to October, the weather is cool, pleasant and suitable for traveling, swimming, this is considered beautiful time to visit Tuan Chau. If you want peaceful atmosphere, you should avoid the weekend, the holiday because on these days, there are a large number

How to get to Ba Vang Pagoda

Ba Vang is a popular spiritual destination

Located at the ideal height on the 340m tall Thanh Dang Mountain by the west of Uong Bi city, Ba Vang, which is also known as Bao Quang Pagoda includes a Holy Mother’s temple, a Mountain Spirit temple, a large forecourt, a sanctum and an old longstanding well. From the temple’s entrance, you can put

Travel Tips To Keep You Safe, Respectful and Enjoy Every Minute in Southeast Asia

Dress Appropriately

Why South East Asia is a dreaming destination of everyone, especially traveling lovers? Well, for starters the fact is that service prices in this region are about as incredibly low as it gets anywhere all over the world; the diversity is such that one minute you can be wandering ancient temples and ruins, surrounded by

How to get perfect trip with Signature Cruise Halong

The amount of time you spend on the water is the biggest difference amongst Halong Bay day cruises

Hailed as one of the largest vessels in this area, offering some of the largest suites and best facilities, Signature Cruise Halong Bay is fast becoming one of the most popular cruising experiences on the Gulf of Tonkin. The safety of all passengers and the threat to the surrounding environment are the main concerns onboard

Halong Bay cruise recommendation

Aphrodite Cruise

When sitting down to select your upcoming holiday in Vietnam, an excursion to Halong Bay, which is an aquatic paradise of adventure with opportunities for all manner of traveler, is one of the first things you should consider. One thing to remember is that without a cruise highlighting all the wondrous things that the bay