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The attraction of Nam Du in 4 seasons

Nam Du in Spring
Located in the southwest of the S-shaped land, Nam Du is a small archipelago with 21 large and small islands in An Son and Nam Du commune ,Kien Hai distric in Kien Giang province and far from  the coast of Rach Gia abiut 65 nautical. From a long time, Nam Du beach is known as another “Phu Quoc” in Kien Giang. Travel to Kien Quang with: Tours Indochina and vietnam
Let’s explore its beauty in four seasons

  1. Nam Du in Spring

Spring is considered as a great time to visit Nam Du. After undergoing  the rainy season with wet days, Nam Du begins to welcome the weak sunlight. At this time, the sea is quite calm and the water is clear and emerald. Those who are easily seasick also find it less uncomfortable when traveling by train.

Coming to Nam Du at this time, travelers do not suffer the scorching sunlight like summer. Nam Du is changing reason from the winter to spring. The air remains cool and fresh; therefore, you can feel peaceful and relax after hard-working years.

Not only is a wonderful destination for young adventure lover Nam Du Island but also it is a wise choice for unforgettable family picnics. In addition, the Spring weather in Nam Du is a favourable condition to dip yourself into the clear blue water or scuba diving activity. If you want to admire the nature, you can relax on the smooth sand, observe the cliffs in the sea, the green coconut palms and the tiny waves.

Nam Du in Spring

Nam Du in Spring -source: internet

  1. Nam Du in Summer

Known as “Summer vacation paradise”, Nam Du is a wonderful destination that visitors should come once in a lifetime. You have a chance to get out of the scorching summer days to immerse yourself into the blue sky and clear fresh water of Nam Du. The summer is an ideal time to visit and explore the charming beauty of Nam Du beaches. Vietnam Cultural Highlights

In the summer, it is excellent to explore the mysterious and spectacular beauty of the 21 large and small islands in Nam Du. The nature cleverly arranges 21 islands with a stable and majestic posture on the sea.

Any beach in Nam Du has charming beauty with the stretch of white sand and clear emerald water. The Nam Du beaches are so clear that you can see the bottom.

Nowadays, Nam Du is becoming the “hot” name, the first destination of visitors to Vietnam. It is better to set a plan to travel to Nam Du as soon as possible because  a few more years, when tourism planning and projects touch the island, Nam Du will no longer seem pristine as it was in the beginning.

Some places travelers can discover in Nam Du include the island of Tron (the largest island in Nam Du), Ngang Island, Hon Mau, Hon Nom, Ngu Beach, Men Beach, Nam Du lighthouse  and so on.

Summer Vacation Paradise – Nam Du

Summer Vacation Paradise – Nam Du -source: internet

  1. Nam Du in Autumn

When season change occurs, Nam Du takes the scorching coat off and the weather gets cooler and cooler. This is also a great time to enjoy a pleasant vacation in Nam Du. It is great that you can be involved in the fishing trip without fear of the sunburn and black skin.

There is no romantic scene that the leaves turn from green into yellow. However, the signals of Autumn happen in Nam Du beaches.  It is romantic moonlight which attracts tourists more

  1. Nam Du in Winter

Nam Du winter is more suitable for couples, lovers and young people. They can come here to get out of the stress from daily life, chat with each other and feel a peaceful atmosphere here.

At any time, Nam Du welcomes you warmly and what about you?

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